When I was a boy my family moved around America a lot. I lived in 6 different places as I grew up. My teen years and onward were spent in New Mexico and Colorado. Mountains and deserts, beautiful sunsets, snowy winters, hot summers, skiing and hiking.

I went to university in Colorado (USA) where I was an honor student in Aerospace Engineering, and first in my graduating class. After university I worked as an aerospace engineer for a few years in the propulsion division of a large aerospace company (Martin Marietta – now Lockheed Martin).

I saved my money because I wanted to see the world. So 29 years ago I left America alone, with a one-way ticket.

I have since been to over 50 countries and circled the planet three times. And I’ve become a teacher. I’ve taught English, math, and science in Japan and Thailand in high school and university settings, as well as ESL freelance to doctors and nurses. I love teaching and my students tell me I’m good at it. In addition to teaching I also proofread for healthcare professionals – masters degree thesis papers, PhD proposals and dissertations, and papers for journal publications.

I return to America for one month every year to visit family and friends.

I also enjoy being healthy and happy, playing guitar, learning new things, exercising, spending time with people I care about, surfing the net, and contemplating the magic of this amazing world. I’m interested in biology, evolution, the story of the universe, language-culture-and-thought, metaphysics, the mysteries of Love and consciousness, and the fate of our planet. I meditate every day.


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